Study Details Completed

This study tested the drug HCQ to see if it could delay or prevent early stage T1D (stage 1) from progressing to abnormal glucose tolerance (stage 2) and ultimately prevent clinical diagnosis (stage 3). HCQ is already used to reduce symptoms and progression of other autoimmune diseases, such as rheumatoid arthritis and lupus. This was the first study to see if it could prevent or delay T1D.


Key Findings

  • Results show HCQ was not effective at slowing disease progression

Next Steps for Study Participants

We encourage HCQ study participants to continue to take part in TrialNet research through the Pathway to Prevention Monitoring study if you have not developed T1D, or the Long-Term Follow Up (LIFT) study if you have developed T1D. These studies will monitor your health status and are similar to your HCQ visits.

As a TrialNet participant you will be the first to know if there is another trial you may be eligible for and will continue to help provide valuable scientific information that will help answer important questions about T1D